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Our family is in the restaurant business since 1991. The Fausto family had a restaurant in Rome in the seventies. Fausto started there to stay in the dining room following the customers. In the eightees his love for wine bring him to work for some of the major wine producer in Italy. In ’86 he knew Silvia Federzoni and after few years they start to work like business associates in a restaurant in their native city: Livorno. in 1995 they opened there own restaurant called “Fontino” in Pontedera and got soon the presence in the Michelin Guide with  3 forks. After another experience in a wonderfull restaurant, associates with some english, close to the medieval village of Palaia, called “I Secoli” (where they obtained the 2 glasses for the wine list by the WINE SPECTATOR magazine) they decide to come back to there town, Livorno, where they opened the Osteria Il Boccondivino, and started to work with there daughter Claudia wonderful pastry and the son Enrico. In a couple of years they carried the restaurant to be one of the best of all the area with customer who come from all over Italy.


One year ago, they decided to move from Italy and a friend of them suggested to see something about Tallinn. As soon as they’ve seen the images of the city on internet, they falled in love with this town, and after 4 trips to start to know the city and look for a place where realize their dream (a “love marriage” between the mediterranean cuisine and the gorgeous town of Tallinn) they’ve found a wonderful 15° century cellar in an historical building just close to Raekoja Platz. They restored the place and bring there antiques fornitures from Italy. So the BUTELLI restoran was born, and inside that our family want to guide you in a different and new way to the italian flavours.


Food philosophy

We want to guide the non-italian people to understand that today “italian food” is not only “pizza, pasta and mozzarella” but, expecially in the last thirty years the italian cuisine has evolved in terms of value about quality of ingredients and different ways of cooking.


The mediterranean cuisine, wich is a Unesco World Heritage, has teached to the entire world to get the maximum expressions of flavours from what nature gives us, using very short cooking, low temperature and giving with the meals a high level of healthiness using extra virgin olive oil, herbs and different kinds of vegetables Even the pasta is one of the basis of mediterranean cuisine. With this principles we have developed our vision of new italian flavours, close to our traditions but new with style and lightness.